Coaches Week will be celebrated across B.C. from September 17-25, in a province-wide and national campaign dedicated to celebrating the integral roles coaches play in shaping communities and the lives of children and athletes.

Through the support of viaSport British Columbia, a number of coaching workshops have been planned for the upcoming week at PISE, including opportunities to learn more about effective teaching and coaching methods, nutrition, ethical decision making and fundamental movement skills, a course appropriate for educators, parents and coaches.

“Coaches Week is a time to celebrate the tireless efforts of coaches who dedicate their lives to making sport a great experience for all of us,” says Robert Bettauer, CEO of PISE. “From children stepping on to a field for the first time to athletes standing on the podium at the Olympics, coaches hold the power to enable, inspire and equip athletes for success.”

Twenty-three per cent of coaches who helped form Team Canada for the Olympics and Paralympics this year hailed from B.C. These coaches represent the head and heart behind some of Canada’s biggest success stories out of Rio. As we congratulate these coaches for helping their athletes reach the highest level of achievement, it is also the time to celebrate coaches at the community level who impact the lives of children across the province.

“At viaSport we truly believe that coaches have the potential to not only build great athletes, but exceptional human beings,” says Sheila Bouman, CEO of viaSport. “Coaches Week is our opportunity to recognize all those coaches whose dedication helps our children thrive through sport.”

Quick Facts:

  • PISE is offering NCCP Coaching Courses in honour of Coaches Week for only $10 per course.
  • Each year the Province, through viaSport, contributes approximately $100,000 through grants to coaches in B.C.
  • viaSport and its sport partners train approximately 10,000 coaches across B.C. each year through National Coaching Certification Programs.
  • viaSport is the Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representative (PTCR) for British Columbia and maintains a strong partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada.
  • Coaches Week in BC has been an annual event since 2007, and this year will align with National Coaches Week across Canada.

For information on courses at PISE go to


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