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Trois Rivieres’ IBO Inter-Continental heavyweight champion Simon Kean (15-0) defeated Victoria’s Adam Braidwood (13-2) in Shawinigan, QC on Saturday night. Kean won with a technical knockout in the third round.

Kean opened a cut over one of Braidwood’s eyes during the second round. The fight was apparently stopped to inspect the cut, but continued.

During the third round, Kean had Braidwood against the ropes and the ref stopped the fight apparently after Braidwood, hit hard, refused to go down, but was draped over the ropes.

According to The Fight City @TheFightCity, “It should be noted that the way #KeanBraidwood ended [it] was a complete mess. Utterly confusing as to what happened/what the call was #boxing.”

The Fight City also tweeted, “Honestly, the sequence of Kean clocking Braidwood, followed by the dance, Braidwood’s refusal to fall, and then him being draped over the ropes is one of the strangest sequences I’ve ever seen live #KeanBraidwood #boxing. And: Kean’s corner quickly brought a stool into the ring for Braidwood, but that seemed (from my vantage) to happen right around the stoppage. (Should happen after it’s clearly stopped.) It all happened very fast.”

Braidwood is the World Boxing Union champion. The fight was to compete for the vacant World Boxing Council Francophone heavyweight title.