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It’s a miracle! Bowling will soon be back on in Greater Victoria, specifically Langford at the newish Langford Lanes facility near Westhills Stadium.

Greater Victoria went from bowling feast to bowling famine, well not quite. The area has never had a real feast situation when it comes to bowling. At one time there was 10-pin bowling across the street from Mayfair Shopping Centre, aptly named Mayfair Lanes and just a few blocks away at the Woolco-anchored Town and Country Shopping Centre, which now boasts the still-under-construction Uptown Shopping Centre. That was it. There is of course the family run facility on Bevan Street in Sidney called Miracle Lanes, they offer the five-pin version as well as billiards.

Langford Lanes will be re-opening under new management in October. Court has approved new ownership headed by local businessman Gerry St. Cyr. St. Cyr may best be remembered locally as a Western Hockey League player who donned the Victoria Cougar jersey for two seasons. St. Cyr is currently involved in the ownership of SportAssist, which is an organisation that works to keep sports affordable for kids. He is the Co-founder of What’s Up Media and is the facility operator of City Centre Park, which is where Langford Lanes are located.

The City Centre Park entertainment complex also includes a mini-golf course, an NHL-sized ice rink with 400 seats, party rooms, a splash park and more.

The previous owners, Planex Development Corp and Langford Bowling and Entertainment Ltd went into receivership in late June.

Langford Mayor Stew Young said that tax payers will not be on the hook for the public-private partnership nor the previous owner’s depts.

Mayfair Lanes was built in 1963 and demolished in 2006. Town and Country Lanes’ fate was hardly better as they were built the year before in 1962 and also demolished within a year of Mayfair’s demise, in June of 2007. The new facility in Langford only lasted three years before it entered bankruptcy in 2015.