Last week’s monsoons in Los Angeles ended just in time for the opening two rounds of the weekend’s US Majors Tour at U.S. Auto Club Speedway in Northeast Los Angeles. Victoria’s Bill Okell, entering his fourth year of competition in the SCCA’s top level of road racing, was behind the wheel of the San Francisco based Huffaker Engineering teams Austin Healey. Now Okell is used to finishes in the top three, but the this time out, he could do no better than a pair of fourth place finishes and those results leave him well down the ladder in the point standings.

Okell summed up the weekend this way,”  Our entire effort was a struggle from the first practice session that only included just two laps. Realistically, on paper, we had a 2nd or 3rd place car going into the start of this weekend, I raced with little practice track time and we needed that badly. I spun the car out no less than three times with the worst being the feature race when an oil filter gasket came loose and lost the engine on the opening lap. The whole team had problems and we will fix this and move forward to the next race.”

The Huffaker racing team will  look forward to  the next race in late February at Willow Springs Raceway in central California. border=