Victoria race car driver, Bill Okell, fresh off taking his second career Sports Car Club of America’s U.S. Hoosier Racing Tire Super Tour win, and race track record, just three weeks ago in Bakersfield, California, continues this weekend at Portland International Raceway.

The Western Conference of the SCCA Super Tour continues with race #9 and #10 of the 12-race series, with Okell competing in the SanFrancisco-based, Huffaker owned Austin Healey.

This pair of races are special for Okell, as he focusses in on the Grand Touring Lite title for the Western Conference.

Okell currently sits in third place in the championship, behind Californian’s Craig Carter and John Bowers, both driving Nissan Sentras. In the four years of competition in the US Majors Tour, Okell has come close to winning a championship but has never captured one. The vision is a simple one this weekend for Okell, he needs a  finish of a first place, in one race and no less than a third placing in the other race. Anything less these finishes and he will have to race at The Ridge Motorsports complex in mid- June to try to win the championship.

This is a very busy year for the 62-year-old  Saanich area driver who has been competing over the last 42 years, as he has his sights on racing at the SCCA’S National Championship, being held in the last week of September at Speedway, Indiana’s, Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s, grand prix/Formula One road course.