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Alex Hutchinson, journalist, scientist and runner is currently on a speaking tour to promote his book titled Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance.

Endure is currently on the New York Times bestseller list and has been receiving favourable reviews from Canadian Running Magazine, Let’s Run, Runner’s World, Goodreads and many other sources.

The foreword is provided by non-other than Malcolm Gladwell former collegiate runner and best-selling author of Outliers, the thesis-in-a-book text on the key elements to becoming a success at anything including sports, music or business. Gladwell brings forth several reasons why such successes as the Beatles, NHL hockey players and tech-people such as Bill Gates rose to the top, but it was his 10,000 hours of related work that truly resonated with readers as a prerequisite to becoming a success.

Endure is a read for all levels of runners and endurance sports enthusiasts – you don’t have to be a scientist to enjoy some of the paradigm-shifting hypothesis, theories and newly-proven scientific outcomes about human limits. He delves into the Dr. Tim Noakes’ coined central governor theory and so much more – it’s a keepsake reference manual for all abilities.

Hutchinson will be speaking at Frontrunners’ flagship location at View and Vancouver Street Wednesday, March 21 starting at 7:15 pm.

A limited number of hardcover books will be available for purchase.

A review will be available soon at Athletics Illustrated at www.athleticsillustrated.com.

Tickets are available at Eventbrite