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While all eyes were on the Royal visit – the Will and Kate show – the 22nd annual King and Queen of the Hill race took place in Victoria on September 30th.

One-hundred and fifty-five Royal subjects (students and staff) from Lambrick Park Secondary School raced the 22nd annual run up Churchill Drive, the road that takes runners to the top parking lot of Mt. Doug.

The run is 1500-metres in length; however, it takes almost exactly twice the length of time to go the distance that runners would go on the track, due to the steepness of the hill.

Back to defend her title was Nicoal Theim. She won and therefore does not abdicate her throne, as Queen of the Hill.
In the King’s race, there is a new leader in Cameron Blank. He won in the time of 8:06.

Both winners are currently enrolled in Grade 10. They cut 14 and 11 seconds off of their personal bests for the event, respectively.
The highly anaerobic race is a fundraiser for the annual Terry Fox Run.



Cameron Blank – 8:06
Austin Somers – 8:38
Connor Turnbull – 8:40
Micah Collins – 8:47
Andrew Baxter – 8:53
Zach Swanson – 8:58
Tameryn Gaunt – 8:58
Mateo De Melo – 8:59
Nathan Clark – 9:01
Matt Clark – 9:02


Nicola Theim – 8:46
Erica Dong -10:31
Mercedes Lopez -11:21
Valeria Eguia – 11:29
Chisa Ikeda – 11:31
Juliette de Harlez – 11:48
Ms. Martin – 12:08
Sarah Pike – 12:18
Neus Vaya – 12:18
Briya Johal -12:41

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