CYdgqRhUEAAhvcyThere is a Cycling and Walking for Everyone petition seeking signatures right now for the purpose of persuading the provincial government to spend money on cycling infrastructure in the province of BC, which of course will affect Victoria. Since launching this campaign, they have made good progress.

The Provincial Finance Committee has recommended investment in cycling and the Climate Leadership Team has included the possibility of using Carbon Tax funding for cycling and running/walking. The BC Cycling Coalition created momentum towards a future of BC all cyclists and runners and walkers wish to see come to fruition.

According to BCCC, it will take real effort to encourage the BC Government to act.

British Columbians are being asked to share the petition via Facebook and Twitter.  The coalition has crafted an email message for people to share with their friends.

“We have surpassed our goal of reaching 1000 signatures by Nov 30th by over 10%. We are now striving towards gaining 2500 signatures in January, when the Climate Leadership Action Plan public input process will open.

The BCCC’s ability to push for change is powered by contributions from people like you who want safer cycling and walking. Your donations are essential to help us mobilize the support needed to convince the Government to make this bold investment in safe cycling and walking through meetings with MLAs, outreach to organizations & businesses, petitioning and tables at events.

Please consider making a contribution to our Billions for Bikes Campaign. Help make BC a safer place for everyone to ride a bike.

Thank you for your support. We will be in touch in the New Year with information about how you can participate in the Climate Leadership public input period. The draft plan, and feedback process was released at the end of November, and our response will be circulated. Stay tuned, and keep the momentum moving forward!”

Arno Schortinghuis with the coalition wrote, “It is time for bold action now. I want everyone to have the ability in BC to cycle or walk for their everyday trips.”

According to Schortinghuis, Investing $1 billion over 10 years will make cycling and walking attractive choices for everyone, leading to significantly improved fitness and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, congestion, and traffic injuries and fatalities.

He calls upon the Government of BC to enable everyone in BC to cycle & walk in safety as part of their daily lives by implementing an Active Transportation Strategy that includes:

Investing $1 billion over the next ten years to:

  • Upgrade cycling and walking facilities on provincial roads and bridges
  • Complete cycling and running/walking networks in communities across BC
  • Provide safe routes to school for children
  • Build trails and routes for cycling & walking tourism
  • Ensuring that paths & protected bike lanes can be safely shared by people using wheelchairs, skateboards and in-line skates
  • Enhancing cycling education for children and adults
  • Promoting cycling and running/walking
  • Encouraging electric bike use by eliminating the PST and providing rebates

Sign here:

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